23 Mar


Magnus’s new T-Tone LED lamp not only adjusts the light output strength while being dimmed, but also gradually transform from a bright soft tone color temperature at the highest level, to a warm flame color at the lowest dimming level. The CCT on the new lamp will range down from 1700K to 2800K depending on the dimming level, and adjustments can be made to meet customers’ specific demands. And to render colors perfectly while dimming, the product is available with a CRI up to 95.

Magnus has developed T-Tone high CRI LED lamps that are perfectly rendering the colours of objects in a very beautiful natural way.

Objects that are lit by T-Tone lamps are displayed with rich lively colours. The lamps will particularly render colours of faces, food, clothing, cosmetics, furniture, rugs and art in a much more natural way than ordinary LED lamps do.

Especially in the designer- and specification market, with applications such as museums, cosmetic retailers, apparel retail outlets and food displays in restaurants and supermarkets , we notice an increasing demand for LED lamps with higher quality color renderings.